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The Saint Index

Support for new U.S. commercial development projects is trending up in virtually all categories according to The Saint Index survey of U.S. residents. The survey has been tracking opposition to development since 2006 and is showing more support than opposition for new development projects for the first time in the study’s history but the news is not all good for developers.

A Hurdle for Development

72 percent of Americans said their communities are overbuilt or fine just the way they are indicating a significant hurdle for new development.

Distrust and Cynicism

Distrust and cynicism over the process by which local land use decisions are made continues to cast a shadow with 61 percent believing their community does fair to poor deciding what gets built.

Corrupt Relationships

54 percent of those surveyed believe that the relationship between local officials and developers makes the process unfair.

The process by which land use decision are made is now dominated by opponents who have the motivation and passion to show up and participate. We consistently see projects with broad based support voted down by local boards who hear only from opponents who pack hearing rooms and actively participate in the process.


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Opposition by Region

New England0%
Mid Atlantic0%
Where is the support?

New single family homes, grocery stores and hospitals are the most supported uses when people are asked how they would feel if they were proposed “in their community.”


Landfills, casinos, power plants, quarries and Walmart are the only uses more opposed than supported.

About The Saint Index

First conducted in 2006, the Saint Index has looked at the politics of land use across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Data was collected April 9-12, 2015. All respondents interviewed in this study were part of a fully representative sample 1,027 US residents over the age of 18.

The margin of error is +/- 3%.

For media inquiries, additional information, including details on specific project types, in-depth briefings, or to interview Saint Consulting President Patrick Fox: 1-844-83-SAINT (72468) or email us at

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With experience on more than 2,000 controversial land use permitting projects in 48 states, Canada and the United Kingdom since 1983, The Saint Consulting Group is the global leader in land use politics.

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