The Saint Index: United States, 2011

Quantifying and tracking attitudes towards real estate development.


The 2011 Saint Index delivers wide-ranging insights into what is happening in the politics of land use. Why do some kinds of development projects attract fierce opposition? Are Americans telling the truth about wind energy?  The sixth annual Saint Index identifies important trends in American attitudes about real estate development projects.  For the first time, we’ve also examined the Tea Party movement and its implications for real estate development projects. The 2011 Saint Index results contains news and useful information for developers, planners, elected officials, decision makers and citizens who support or oppose real estate development projects.

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Despite the economy, NIMBY attitudes increased.

The most unwanted local projects

Nearly one in five Americans or a family member actively opposed a  project.

Energy development will be contentious, even for wind projects.

Natural gas drilling faces emerging opposition and activism.

Americans have a harsh but helpful message for Aggregate Quarries.

The hardest land use to get approved could be a “Linear Land Use.”

Attitudes about Walmart and other Big Boxes are changing.

Local government does “fair to poor” on growth decisions.

Tea Party members will be active on land uses.