The Saint Index | About The Index
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About The Index

The Saint Index is an annual survey of 1000 adults in the United States that is designed specifically to quantify and track attitudes towards real estate development.

The Saint Index examines active support and opposition of a variety of different types of land use – everything from aggregate quarries to office buildings to landfills to power plants to big box stores like Wal-Marts. We look not just at how popular or unpopular these developments are, but also who exactly are those most likely to support or oppose a given use.

What makes The Saint Index different is that we don’t ask how people feel about a given use, we ask how they’d feel if that given use was proposed in their community. By doing so, we gain particular insight into the dynamics that drive the politics of local land use.

The Saint Index was originally launched in 2005 and was designed in conjunction with University of Massachusetts’ Center for Economic & Civic Opinion.